A Guide to Student Housing Options at the Swedish Defence University

At the Swedish Defence University, students engage in a unique blend of civil and military studies in a close-knit community. This is a guide to finding suitable housing, ensuring a comfortable and focused academic experience in Stockholm.

A Guide to Student Housing Options at the Swedish Defence University
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Greetings to all aspiring international students! If you're considering a journey to the Swedish Defence University (SDU), you're on the cusp of an exciting and transformative educational adventure. Nestled in the heart of Sweden, SDU is not just an institution but a gateway to a world of innovative learning in the realms of defense and military studies.

SDU stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence, drawing students globally with its unique curriculum, top-notch faculty, and a commitment to shaping future leaders in defense and security sectors. As an international student, your journey is about more than just academics; it's about immersing yourself in a new culture, forming lasting connections, and finding a second home. This blog post is designed to ease your transition, focusing on a crucial aspect of your upcoming journey: student housing.

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An Overview of SDU

SDU stands out for its specialized courses in military and defense studies, offering a unique academic experience. The university's commitment to excellence in research and education has made it a top choice for students from around the world.

The Swedish Defence University, located in Stockholm, specializes in defense, crisis management, and security. Established in 2008, it has 1,000 students and 240 faculty members. The university is unique for its blend of civil and military academic programs, offering practical training alongside theoretical studies. It prepares students for careers in defense, crisis management, and security, emphasizing interactions between the civil and military sectors. The university is known for its small size, fostering close relationships among students and teachers. It offers master's programs in Innovation, Defence and Security; International Operational Law; Politics, Security and Crisis; and War and Defence.

Student Housing at the Swedish Defence Unviersity

Based on the information provided on their website, the Swedish Defence University currently only offers free accommodation for officer students and cadets in the Swedish Armed Forces, for the duration of their 3-year program. Students enrolled in other programs are expected to find housing on their own.

Finding student housing in Stockholm, where the Swedish Defence University is located, can be challenging, especially during the start of the autumn semester. The university advises students to register as early as possible on the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB) housing queue list, as the waiting time can be about 6 to 9 months.

If you have specific questions or need more guidance from the university itself, you can reach out to the student office, or check the Swedish Defence University's website.

Tips for Finding Accommodation in Stockholm

Finding accommodation in Stockholm, especially as an international student, can be quite a task due to the high demand and limited availability. However, here are some steps and tips to help you in your search:.

  • Join the Housing Queue: As mentioned, the first step you should take towards securing your accommodation is joining the housing queue, the most popular among students being SSSB. The wait is typically 6 to 9 months long, so the earlier you join, the better!
  • Online Platforms: Use online platforms dedicated to housing in Sweden. Websites like Hemavi are popular for finding rental apartments or rooms. Also, join Facebook groups and forums for expats and students in Stockholm, where housing options are often posted.
  • Local Real Estate Agents: Consider contacting local real estate agents who can assist in finding suitable accommodation, though this might be a more expensive option.
  • Temporary Accommodation: If you can't secure long-term accommodation before your arrival, consider booking temporary accommodation like a hostel or an Airbnb. This will give you a place to stay while you continue your search.
  • Budget and Location: Determine your budget and preferred locations. Stockholm is divided into various neighborhoods, each with its own character and price range. Proximity to the university and public transportation should be considered.
  • Rental Contracts: Ensure to thoroughly read and understand the rental contract before signing. Be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in Sweden.
  • Networking: Reach out to current or former students of the Swedish Defence University. They can provide valuable advice and might even know about available accommodation options.
  • Start Early: Begin your search as early as possible, as the demand for student accommodation in Stockholm is quite high, especially around the start of the academic year.
  • Stay Alert for Scams: Be cautious of scams. Never send money without verifying the legitimacy of the listing and meeting the landlord or a representative in person.


The Swedish Defence University offers a dynamic educational environment that blends military and civil studies. Its unique setting in Stockholm and close-knit community enhances your learning experience. Securing the right student housing is crucial in this journey.

With Hemavi's support, finding accommodation that fits your preferences and needs becomes easier, allowing you to focus on your studies and enjoy your time in Sweden. This step is key to ensuring a fulfilling and productive academic journey at the Swedish Defence University.