A Guide to Housing for International Students at the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen and the housing market in Copenhagen offer a range of student housing options. From vibrant dorms fostering community to shared accommodation, students can find a fit that supports both their studies and personal growth.

A Guide to Housing for International Students at the University of Copenhagen
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Copenhagen, known for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and inclusive community, is an ideal destination for students from around the globe. However, navigating the housing market in a foreign country can be daunting. There's a high demand for student housing in Copenhagen, much like in other major cities with significant student populations. This demand typically peaks at the beginning of academic semesters, making it tough for international students who've just gotten accepted to secure their housing.

Whether you're looking for a cozy dormitory room, a shared apartment, or private housing options, starting your accommodation search early is imperative to your success. Through this blog, we'll discuss each of these options, presenting you with their pros and cons, and useful links to use during your search for student housing in Copenhagen.

Welcome aboard, and let's make your student housing journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

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Types of Student Housing

For international students at the University of Copenhagen, finding housing can be challenging, especially from July to September. The Housing Foundation Copenhagen assists international students in finding accommodation, offering various options and practical advice for the duration of their stay.

Student Dormitories

Dormitory buildings exist all around Copenhagen, with about 80 based within the central area of the city, and more in the suburbs. Some are small in numbers with lots of personalized features, while others are composed of large buildings housing hundreds of students.

Dormitories often include shared kitchen facilities, and most rooms come with a private bathroom. Common areas are a big part of the dormitory experience, with responsibilities shared among residents for cleaning and maintenance​​. Some dormitories, like those under the Housing Foundation, offer a variety of facilities but expect participation in maintaining common areas​​. The rent for dorm rooms varies widely. For example, the Housing Foundation lists rent for single rooms ranging from DKK 3,000 to DKK 8,500 per month, with some dormitories offering rooms for 1-2 persons and shared rooms at different price points​.

The international office at the University of Copenhagen can assist international students in finding dormitories through the Housing Foundation. The earlier a student is able to add their names to the waiting list, the better chances they'll have at securing suitable housing prior to the start of their academic program.

For more details, visit the University of Copenhagen's housing information page: Housing – University of Copenhagen.

Private Rentals

Due to the widespread shortage of student accommodation across Copenhagen, lots of students have turned to private rentals instead of waiting for availability in a student dormitory. The most popular option for student housing is room rental, where the student rents their own room in a shared household, and shares common areas such as the kitchen and bathroom with their roommates.

The rent for this type of accommodation ranges between 3,000DKK to 5,000DKK, depending on the room's location, size and amenities offered in the apartment. Unfortunately, because the housing market in Denmark is not yet fully-moderated and governed, lots of students, particularly coming from outside the country, are prone to scams and renting from fraudulent landlords.

To avoid falling for these fake listings, students are advised to rely on verified sources for their rentals, and exercise caution when dealing with prospective landlords. Here are some ways students may be able to secure shared accommodation:

  • Social Media: Joining Facebook groups for students and housing in Copenhagen can be a great first step to get a general idea of the offerings in the market, as well as explore different options. Be careful when attempting to rent through these platforms, and always check the property itself before making any payments or signing any paperwork.
  • University Bulletins and Networks: Alumni or students who've been enrolled at the University of Copenhagen may be able to support new students seeking accommodation. In fact, some of them may be looking for new roommates as the older students graduate!
  • Online Platforms: Multiple platforms exist in Copenhagen to support their users in finding accommodation. One of these platforms, Hemavi, specializes in shared accommodation, matching users based on their lifestyle preferences and interests.

Student Housing at the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) does offer housing options for its students, particularly international students, through the University of Copenhagen Housing Foundation (UCPH Housing Foundation). This independent organization assists international students and researchers in finding accommodation in Copenhagen. They offer a variety of housing options, including dormitories, shared apartments, and family apartments, depending on availability and the student's specific needs​​​​.

One specific example of student accommodation affiliated with UCPH is the Bikuben Dormitory. This large student dorm is located conveniently close to the South Campus, making it an attractive option for students due to its proximity to academic buildings. The dormitory offers various types of rooms, including shared rooms, single rooms, and studio rooms, all with private kitchenettes and bathrooms. The Bikuben Dormitory emphasizes a strong community spirit among its residents, with shared kitchens on each floor to encourage social interaction. It's important to note that Bikuben requires a deposit and has specific rules for tenant participation and community engagement​​. As far as rent price goes, for the Spring of 2024, the Bikuben Dormitory offered single rooms priced between 6,000 and 7,000 DKK monthly.

For students interested in applying for housing through the UCPH Housing Foundation, the process involves submitting documentation to be evaluated for eligibility. Once approved, students will receive an invitation to the housing foundation's booking system, which operates on a first-come, first-served basis. It's important for students to prepare by reading the booking manual and familiarizing themselves with the available housing options. Additionally, students are advised to have personal insurance in Denmark and to understand the payment requirements, which typically include a deposit and the first three months of rent upfront​​.


The University of Copenhagen offers a wide array of student housing options, accommodating diverse needs and preferences. The University's Housing Foundation facilitates international students' search for suitable accommodation, emphasizing ease and support throughout the process. Whether seeking the vibrant social life of a dormitory or the tranquility of a single room, students are well-catered to, ensuring their focus remains on academic success and personal growth during their studies in Copenhagen.

Another popular option is shared accommodation, in which each student rents a single room in an apartment shared with others. Looking for a room in Copenhagen? Check out the listings on Hemavi.