A Global Education: Study Abroad Programs at Stockholm University

Stockholm University transcends traditional education, offering a journey that shapes character and widens perspectives through diverse study abroad opportunities. Explore global cultures, engage in academic excellence, and join a community of scholars for an unparalleled learning adventure.

A Global Education: Study Abroad Programs at Stockholm University
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Venturing into higher education at Stockholm University transcends conventional learning spaces and textbooks; it's about the journey that shapes your character, the bonds you form, and the new perspectives you gain. Central to Stockholm University's ethos is the belief in offering students expansive opportunities to venture beyond their comfort zones, through comprehensive study abroad and exchange initiatives.

Stockholm University's programs open doors to global discovery, personal growth, and transformative experiences. These initiatives are a passport to embracing diverse cultures, delving into global learning, and experiencing education without borders. Whether it's navigating the historic pathways of Stockholm, engaging in vibrant academic discussions, or connecting with a diverse student body, international scholars at Stockholm University find themselves at the heart of an enriching, world-class educational journey.

The world is vast, filled with endless possibilities. Are you prepared to explore it with Stockholm University?

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Outgoing Exchange Programs at Stockholm University

Stockholm University offers a diverse range of outgoing exchange programs for students interested in studying abroad, enhancing their global perspective and academic experience without the need for additional student fees. These programs are tailored for students who wish to spend one or two semesters at a partner university, with the possibility of receiving scholarships under specific programs such as Erasmus+, Nordplus, or north2north.

The university distinguishes between two main types of exchange opportunities: departmental agreements and central (university-wide) agreements. Departmental agreements are specific to individual departments, offering specialized exchange options with partner institutions related to the department's academic focus. Students interested in these programs should consult the agreement portal and their department's international exchange coordinator to explore available opportunities and receive guidance on the application process.

Central or university-wide agreements provide a broader scope of exchange opportunities, not limited to specific departments. These include bilateral agreements for exchanges outside Europe without scholarships, CIVIS Erasmus+ for exchanges within Europe with scholarships, Nordlys Erasmus+ within the Nordic countries with scholarships, and north2north for exchanges at universities and colleges around the Arctic Circle, with potential scholarship opportunities.

Admission requirements vary depending on whether the agreement is departmental or central. For departmental agreements, it's essential to contact the international coordinator within your department for specific criteria. Central agreements are open to any student at Stockholm University, although some subjects may not be included in the central agreement at each partner university. For course selection, exchange students must work with the international coordinator at their home university and the department or the International Office at Stockholm University. The process differs for departmental agreements, where the department organizes course selection, and university-wide agreements, where course selection is organized by the International Office in cooperation with relevant departments.

For more detailed information on application processes, agreements, scholarships, and support services, you can visit Stockholm University's official page on exchange studies.

Ingoing Exchange Programs at Stockholm University

Stockholm University welcomes international exchange students through various programs, allowing students from partner universities to study in Stockholm for one or two semesters without additional tuition fees. The university offers a rich blend of departmental and central/university-wide agreements facilitating these exchanges.

Ingoing Exchange Program Options

  • Departmental Agreements and Networks: These are specific to individual departments, offering a range of specialized exchange options. Departmental exchange programs may include scholarships, and students can explore these options through the university's agreement portal or by contacting departmental international coordinators.
  • Central (University-Wide) Agreements and Networks: For a broader range of exchange opportunities, central agreements allow students from any discipline at Stockholm University to apply. This include bilateral agreements for exchanges outside Europe without scholarships, CIVIS Erasmus+ for exchanges within Europe with scholarships, Nordlys Erasmus+ within the Nordic countries with scholarships, and north2north for exchanges at universities and colleges around the Arctic Circle, with possibilities for scholarships.

Application Process

The application process for incoming exchange students requires close coordination with the International Coordinator at your home university. After your home university nominates you, you'll receive further instructions on how to apply directly from Stockholm University. It's crucial to wait for an official Letter of Acceptance from Stockholm University before assuming acceptance. While the university strives to accommodate your course preferences, it's essential to note that course availability can change due to cancellations or filled classes.

For detailed information on application procedures, support services, department-specific offerings, and more, visit Stockholm University's page on incoming exchange studies.

International Summer School at Stockholm University

Stockholm University offers international summer schools, including law-focused programs through the Department of Law's Summer Programme. The summer program includes a variety of courses focusing on international law, and it's structured to allow participation in multiple sessions throughout the summer, each session lasting two weeks. Courses cover topics like EU Consumer Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Human Rights in the Digital Age, among others. The program also features a social component, including cultural events and company visits, aiming to enrich the academic experience with exposure to Swedish culture and business environment.

The program's fees are primarily for social activities and administrative costs, not tuition, but they do not include food or housing. However, housing options are available through the university in the Albano area, close to campus, for an additional cost. Moreover, all summer exchange students are covered by a Swedish State Insurance called "Student IN" during their stay in Stockholm.

In addition to the Department of Law's Summer Programme, Stockholm University also offers other short-term exchange opportunities, including summer courses, traineeships, and teaching placements abroad as part of various programs such as CIVIS courses and UNICA Student Conference. These programs offer opportunities to study abroad for a shorter period than a traditional semester, providing a blend of academic and personal growth experiences.

For detailed information about specific courses, application procedures, and additional offerings like summer courses at Nordic Centre Fudan University in Shanghai, it's best to consult directly with Stockholm University's exchange programs and the specific departments offering summer courses​​.


Venturing into higher education at Stockholm University isn't just about the knowledge gained from textbooks but a journey that molds your character, fosters lasting connections, and broadens your worldview. The university's dedication to providing extensive study abroad opportunities reflects its commitment to a holistic educational experience. From departmental to university-wide exchanges, and international summer schools, Stockholm University stands as a gateway to global exploration, offering a tapestry of experiences that prepare students for a world brimming with possibilities. Embrace the chance to dive into diverse cultures, academic excellence, and a community of international scholars, setting the stage for an unparalleled adventure in learning and personal growth.

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