6 Must-Visit Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads

For a nomad, coliving is the ultimate place to live while exploring a new destination. Though similar in their philosophies, not all coliving spaces offer the same experiences, rates or facilities. Here are 6 must-visit coliving for digital nomads (and everyone else too!).

6 Must-Visit Coliving Spaces for Digital Nomads
Photo by cottonbro studio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-sitting-at-the-table-6636090/

Coliving is a fast-growing global trend that has become particularly popular among digital nomads and remote workers. It is an approach to living where community plays a major factor – those who choose coliving do so because they seek to create connections with their roommates and want to share their living spaces with individuals who are like-minded and hold the same values.

Perks of Coliving

With coliving, rather than renting a room through a traditional lease, travelers can enjoy a flexible lease period along with:

  • An organized social scene, typically including community gatherings and events
  • Access to different facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, saunas, coworking spaces and more
  • A well-furnished private room
  • Shared living areas such as living rooms and kitchen
  • And, most importantly: a community of worldly individuals who specifically chose to stay at this place for the purpose of meeting and networking with others

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Coliving is disrupting the current rental market and changing its priorities. Rather than focus on cost, many are now prioritizing the human element and focusing on building relationships with their roommates.

For a nomad, coliving is the ultimate place to live while exploring a new destination. They can meet new people (including locals and expats), share knowledge, finish their work in a classy coworking space, and enjoy a built-in community right at their doorstep.

Though similar in their philosophies, not all coliving spaces offer the same experiences, rates or facilities. Here are the top 6 coliving spaces in the world, perfect for digital nomads (and everyone else too!).

Sun and Co. — Jávea, Spain

Photo of a group of digital nomads at a professional event in a coworking space
Photo credit: Sun and Co. 

Jávea is a small coastal town in Alicante, Spain. It is a peaceful and picturesque destination where tourists and digital nomads spend their time sunbathing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Once ruled by pirates and smugglers, Jávea recently began opening its arms to digital nomads wishing to relocate to Spain.

Founded in 2015, Sun and Co. offers a perfect blend of coliving and coworking, as well as an authentic Mediterranean experience. Their community is big on networking, skill-sharing and cultural immersions, and nature walks, so their social calendar is always full to the brim with new activities. On the other hand, if all you’re seeking is a quiet space to get some work done, their various office spaces (open 24/7), Skype room, high-speed internet and spacious common areas will definitely fit your requirements.

Selina – Worldwide

Photo of a colorful coworking space, with tables, chairs, lighting and murals on the wall
Photo credit: Selina Oaxaca

Anyone who’s traveled or backpacked through South America has probably heard of Selina. The global coliving network began with only two people – a couple of friends who created their first coliving space in Venaoa, Panama. They quickly expanded across the continent, and now have locations in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Columbia. Selina has even made its way into Europe and North America, with one of its more pristine spaces established in the heart of Porto in Portugal.

Their coliving program is affordable and grants backpackers, travelers, and nomads access to more than ten exceptional locations around the world for a set monthly fee. Many of their coliving spaces are refurbished vintage buildings, filled with local artwork and talent, and feature spacious coworking areas, high speed internet.

Outpost – Bali, Indonesia

Photo of two structures in a coliving space, surrounded by palm trees with a pool in the middle
Photo credit: Outpost Ubud

Bali is a famous tourist destination and has also been gaining popularity as a hub for digital nomads. It is known for its mesmerizing beaches, lively coral reefs, colorful traditional ceremonies, and historical temples. In Bali, there’s something for everyone.

Outpost offers three different locations in Bali, each featuring Balinese-style rooms, cozy shared areas, swimming pools and yoga studios. Outpost spaces also offer private offices, meeting rooms and video-call booths, making it a perfect coliving space for companies looking to boost culture and increase productivity through hosting retreats in the beautiful island of Bali.

Neighbourgood – Cape Town, South Africa

Photo of a coworking space in Neighbourgood, showing different tables, chairs, desks and books
Photo credit: Neighbourgood

The Neighbourgood distinguishes itself from other coliving spaces based on two factors: its modern, sleek design, which follows a Scandinavian-style and features many communal areas in addition to highly secluded private rooms, and its common dwellers, who are often entrepreneurs, business owners, experts and professionals in their respective fields. Members also receive lots of perks, including discounts at local restaurants and cafes, and access to a wellness space, a game room and even a vegetable patch on sight.

This coliving space focuses on networking and knowledge sharing, and encourages visitors to stay in contact long after they’ve left South Africa through an exclusive mobile application for members of the community. This makes it the perfect habitation option for digital nomads who care about traveling but are still career oriented.

Arctic Coworking Lodge – Lofoten, Norway

Photo of Arctic Coworking Lodge, located on a coast in the Arctic
Photo credit: Arctic Coworking Lodge

As the name suggests, this coliving space breaks the status quo for coliving purely based on its location: the freezing Arctic. If you’re looking for an unusual and unique coliving experience, Arctic Coworking Lodge is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and frozen fjords. It is frequented by adventure junkies, who are keen on activities such as hiking, surfing, climbing, and mountaineering.

In spite of its seemingly harsh location, Arctic still offers high speed internet, access to desks and meeting rooms, various communal spaces and private or shared bedrooms, so you’ll still be able to finish your pending work tasks whilst adventuring day in and day out at this rugged yet breathtaking space.

SunDesk – Taghazout, Morocco

Photo of a terrace deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at SunDesk, a coliving space located on the coast of Morocco
Photo credit: SunDesk

The sunny beachtown of Taghazout is a must-see for surfers and yogis alike. A town painted entirely in blue, Taghazout is one of the best spots on the coast of Morocco and is as rich in heritage as it is in seafood. It’s a slow town with a hippie vibe and is home to the famous “Anchor Point” wave.

SunDesk is a cozy coliving space that’s a short walk from the beach. It has space for only 16 travelers at a time. This intimate setting offers travelers the opportunity to really get to know their fellow coliving digital nomads, especially since meals are served communally. It is the perfect location to bask in the town’s relaxed surfer-lifestyle attitude while still remaining online and connected to your work.

Final Thoughts on Coliving Locations

Coliving is a new attractive approach to living, where people rent private rooms in a well-furnished and serviced communal space, bringing them closer and building a community. For many, it is an opportunity to meet new people, make new connections, acquire knowledge, and travel the world.

Each coliving space has its own unique offering of rates, facilities and experiences. Some are more suitable for travelers and digital nomads seeking adventure alongside a proper coworking space, while other locations may be built for the long-term habitant. You should always consider your needs and priorities before choosing a coliving space to move into – remember, the people you meet there are about to become your community.