5 Tips to Stand Out as the Perfect Tenant

You're applying for an apartment or a co-living place and you want to stand out as the perfect tenant? Here's our 5 tips to do so.

5 Tips to Stand Out as the Perfect Tenant
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We’ve all been there. It’s time to move and you’re scouring social media in the pursuit of a place to call home, looking at ads on housing websites, asking friends if they know any available co-living places or apartments, and just frantically trying to find anywhere to unpack your things.

And there it is – the perfect place! The color palette is just right, the home décor is exactly your style, and hallelujah it’s within budget… but there are about twenty other people interested in the exact same apartment as you.

How do you make yourself stand out amongst other tenants? How do you leave a lasting (and of course, favorable!) impression on the landlord, thus increasing your chances of moving in? Here are some tips and tricks from Hemavi’s experts!

1. Be Prepared

Most landlords go through a hefty number of applications to select their tenant. That means they’re not likely to get to know every single rental applicant personally – which is why first impressions matter. Have a list of all your questions for the landlord, and cash for the deposit - anything that you feel is needed to finalize a rental agreement. If all your credentials, and references are ready to go, you’ll be noted as someone who’s punctual and organized and therefore much more likely to qualify for rental!

2. Introduce Yourself

Instead of sending a generic note, write something that expresses genuine interest in the place. Start with introducing yourself, including your educational and work background, as well as some anecdotes about your interests, hobbies, and lifestyle, and bringing up previous experiences in renting. Make sure to proof-read before sending; impeccable spelling goes a long way!

3. Tailor your Writing

Make sure you tailor your writing to the landlord! Address them by name! If their ad shows a specific preference, such as someone who doesn’t have a pet or doesn’t smoke, let them know that you’re exactly who they’re looking for. Keep your writing short and sweet, mentioning the reasons you’re drawn to this specific property.

4. Be on Time

This doesn’t just mean showing up to the house viewing on time – you should always try to answer as soon as possible. By making yourself available, you’re showing interest in finalizing the rental agreement, which is bound to impress the landlord.

Alongside being on time, you should always dress appropriately for house viewings. Often, the first impression someone will get when meeting you is based on your clothes. If you dress neatly, the landlord is bound to view you as an individual who is presentable and likely to take good care of their property.

5. Offer References

Good references can make all the difference in your rental application. A previous landlord’s recommendation offers your prospective property-owner a chance to get to know you as a tenant, as it is proof that you’re trustworthy and can properly take care of a home. Even if the apartment you’re looking to rent doesn’t require references, it’s always best to maintain a good relationship with previous landlords and roommates for when you need a recommendation.

If you follow these five simple steps, you’ll be sure to stand out among the crowd of tenants!

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