10 Must-Know Swedish Phrases for International Students in Stockholm

Discover the top 10 essential Swedish phrases for international students living in Stockholm. Make your life easier, build connections, and embrace the Swedish culture with these useful words and expressions.

10 Must-Know Swedish Phrases for International Students in Stockholm
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Moving to Stockholm as an international student is an exciting experience, and learning some basic Swedish phrases will make your life much easier. In this blog post, we'll share the top 10 must-know Swedish phrases for international students in Stockholm, along with useful resources to help you practice your new language skills.

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1. Hej (Hello) and Hej då (Goodbye)

Swedish greetings are simple, yet essential when starting a conversation. A friendly "Hej" (pronounced "hey") goes a long way in making connections with locals, and don't forget to say "Hej då" (pronounced "hey-doh") when parting ways.

2. Tack (Thank you) and Snälla (Please)

Politeness is key in any language, and Swedish is no exception. Remember to say "Tack" (pronounced "tahk") when someone helps you, and "Snälla" (pronounced "snell-ah") when making a request.

3. Förlåt (Excuse me / I'm sorry)

Whether you accidentally bump into someone or need to get someone's attention, "Förlåt" (pronounced "fur-loht") is the word to use. It can mean both "excuse me" and "I'm sorry," making it a versatile phrase to learn.

4. Hur mår du? (How are you?)

Asking about someone's well-being is a great way to build rapport. "Hur mår du?" (pronounced "hur-more-doo") means "How are you?" and is perfect for starting a conversation with a fellow student or neighbor.

5. Var ligger...? (Where is...?)

Navigating a new city can be challenging, but knowing how to ask for directions can make things much easier. "Var ligger...?" (pronounced "var-li-ger") means "Where is...?" and is helpful when looking for anything from the nearest grocery store to your next class.

6. Hur mycket kostar det? (How much does it cost?)

Whether you're shopping for groceries or out for a meal, knowing how to ask about the price is essential. "Hur mycket kostar det?" (pronounced "hur-meeket-kostar-det") translates to "How much does it cost?"

7. Jag talar inte svenska. (I don't speak Swedish.)

While many Swedes speak English fluently, it's useful to know how to express your language limitations. "Jag talar inte svenska" (pronounced "yahg-tahlar-inteh-svenska") means "I don't speak Swedish" and can help you avoid misunderstandings.

8. Skål! (Cheers!)

Bond with your new Swedish friends over a drink by saying "Skål!" (pronounced "skoal"). It's the Swedish equivalent of "Cheers!" and is used when toasting.

9. Kan du rekommendera...? (Can you recommend...?)

Whether you're looking for a good restaurant, the best coffee shop, or a fun activity, asking for recommendations can lead you to some fantastic discoveries. "Kan du rekommendera...?" (pronounced "kan-doo-rek-oh-men-deh-rah") means "Can you recommend...?"

10. Välkommen (Welcome)

Make new friends and create a welcoming atmosphere by saying "Välkommen" (pronounced "vel-koh-men") when inviting people to your home or an event.

Bonus: Common Words You'll Hear When Studying in Sweden

  • Termin: term or semester
  • Semester: holiday (confusing, right?)
  • Schema: course schedule
  • Korridor: student housing
  • Studentkår: student union
  • Fika: break for coffee and cake


Mastering these 10 Swedish phrases will enhance your experience as an international student in Stockholm. Embrace the Swedish culture and make your life easier by practicing these words and expressions.

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Lycka till (Good luck) in your Swedish language journey!